For 25 years, Compagnie F, a non-profit organisation, has been helping women to discover their entrepreneurial potential and to launch or consolidate their businesses.

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Mission Women's empowerment


For 25 years, Compagnie F, a non-profit organisation, has been helping women to discover their entrepreneurial potential and to launch or consolidate their businesses.

We impart entrepreneurial know-how and skills in a practical way.

We mobilise our networks of experts to help women succeed in business.

We offer individual coaching according to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Most popular workshops

Our à la carte workshops are short, intensive training courses of 3 to 18 hours. Various topics are covered.
Vision Our impact

Who are we?

Founded in 1997 on the values of sustainable and human development, our non-profit organisation has helped more than 4,500 women combat isolation and exclusion through entrepreneurship. Because we know that the financial and professional autonomy of women is a real asset in our society, we are committed to helping them in all matters related to women's entrepreneurship. The missions of Compagnie F :




Training Training for women who

wish to become entrepreneurs

For 25 years, Compagnie F's main mission has been to help women create their own business.

We offer different programmes to support you in your entrepreneurial project.

From discovering your potential to growing your business, our programmes will provide you with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to develop your business to its full potential.

Our training courses are subsidised by our financial partners, which allows us to offer them at a lower cost.

Tools Practical tools for

create or perpetuate a business

During our training courses for women entrepreneurs, you will have access to various practical tools that will help you succeed in business.

Personality test, exercises to practice your sales pitch, practical tables of figures, market research, business model and plan, digital marketing...

You finish your training with all the tools you need to create or develop your business.

Accompany Individual personalised support

to the needs of each entrepreneur

Women who attend our training courses have the chance to have a few hours of individual coaching with our team.

This support can address all types of issues that an entrepreneur may face when starting up or growing.

We also offer this à la carte support outside of the cohorts for people who need help on a specific topic but were unable to join our cohorts.

Collaboration Working together

through networking

At Compagnie F, we believe in the strength of the network. We have seen the strong bonds that unite the women in the same cohort. Some are still friends and work partners 15 years after their training at Compagnie F.

Helping women to create and develop their businesses also means supporting them in their search for potential partners.

We are therefore committed to creating opportunities for every woman entrepreneur through monthly networking events, which will bring together women from the current cohorts and women from past cohorts.

Women Diversity & Inclusion

Our Values

We value people above all. We are proud to display our core values of inclusion, diversity, empathy and solidarity.


Our door is open to anyone who defines herself as a woman, of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, sexual orientation and beliefs. We treat every woman equally.


We believe that the highest potential of an organisation is achieved through the diversity of its leaders, not their sameness. We value the richness that diversity creates at all levels.


Our organisation is run by women from diverse backgrounds. Our approach is based on active listening, understanding and compassion.


Our greatest strength as humans is to help each other in times of need. The F community is there to support and encourage each other.

Compagnie F helped me develop a business that is aligned with me, define my mission, work on my website, finalise it and expand my services. Thank you Compagnie F!


Compagnie F gave me tools, knowledge and support. It also allowed me to believe in my project and to see it through, so thank you very much Compagnie F!


I would recommend Compagnie F to anyone. During the 12 weeks of the course, there was not a single class where I didn't learn something. On top of that, the teachers are all really passionate. And if I had to start my immigration to Quebec again, I would start by knocking on the door of Compagnie F. Thank you for everything!


During my journey, Compagnie F helped me in particular on the possibilities of subsidies that I could obtain and also on the path to create an NPO. So I thank Compagnie F for all these lights and I wish success to all the women for this Winter 2022 cohort. Thank you!


I would like to thank Compagnie F and its financial partners for allowing us to take this entrepreneurship training course so that we could put in place our business plan and launch our business.


A very dynamic and creative team, which offers personalized support. I would recommend the training to anyone who would like to start a business, who is looking for a mentor or who needs to evaluate the potential of their project.


I had a wonderful experience with Compagnie f. The training was just perfect, the team is always there for you and the speakers are just amazing. Thanks again for your services!


The Compagnie F team is a real gem. The support we receive to help us with our entrepreneurship is exceptional, with many experts in various fields (legal, accounting, communication). If you're looking for an inclusive, family-friendly, funny space, come to Compagnie F, you'll be welcomed with open arms and lots of love. Thank you for your work in encouraging women to start their own business!


Compagnie F is a unique place for women entrepreneurs. There is great generosity and professionalism in every meeting I have had with the team. I advise every woman entrepreneur in Montreal to knock on Compagnie F's doors. You'll have the wind in your sails!


As a social worker in the health and social services system, this training has allowed me to have a great personal growth, to increase my motivation and to create hope for success.


The Business Start-up course gave me the structure and impetus I needed, but the treasure of this course is the people we meet, the people who are like us and the solidarity that comes with it. To embark on this course is to find more than just tools, it is to be enriched by a community of talented women entrepreneurs.


Compagnie F literally propelled me by giving me the tools and guidance to take the first step in my dream. My dream is to help Christian women in their inner healing.